Global Offices System provides professional furniture production coping with the demands of our customers.

Having all the advantages of a modern enterprise, our company stands up to quality and customer satisfactio.

They are the basis of everything our company produces from design through fulfillment.




Equipped with all the necessary elements for remarkable but absolutely functional office furniture.
Desks and extensions, tables for meeting rooms, coffee tables, cabinets and paneling, a complete range of solutions to fulfill furniture needs of absolutely any space, however small.



    Whether you appreciate the grand atmosphere or modern space. Whether you pursue the intelligent combination or ideal office circumstances, our modern office furniture will give you everything that you require.


The classical style has always been popular as it is considered the perfect taste. The contemporary office design successfully captures the dignified appearance and luxury of classics.


    Global Offices System cubicles integrate all the hardware into the profile, providing uniform and clean look; various board thicknesses can be used. The clever design makes it possible to use one set of hardware in the door opening, inside or outside.


We in Global Offices System make significant contributions to the design and development of furniture. Our educational and labs products design includes ergonomics, use of high quality, environmentally friendly materials, and visual design.


We in Global Offices System, with deep understanding to each customer, devoted service and technology innovation, We have persuasive reason to make customers come back. Making our customer feel the activeness, energy, and interest in the residential furniture.


    Safeguard the foundation of your business and keep them looking sharp. Ideal for any business size, our storage spaces keep the mess away, leaving an impression upon visitors.